“Donors don’t give to institutions.
They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe.”
– G.T. Smith

Please read why we need new band uniforms, and how you can help us in this important fundraiser.

Please visit for another way to support our band.  Donors Choose is a fun and easy way to make a donation that fits in your budget.

As we are a non-profit organization, fundraising is an essential aspect of maintaining, improving and developing programs within John Swett High School’s Music Program. The program includes marching band, wind ensemble, auxiliary units and drum line and is open to every student. We have ongoing and annual fundraising campaigns which are listed and described below. If you have fundraising ideas, please contact us. We encourage new ideas and will discuss them at our monthly Membership Booster Meetings.

Funds received from the school district does not cover all of the necessary expenditures needed to successfully facilitate our growing Music Program. It is vital that all students participate in the fundraising activities. Funds raised are used for a variety of areas to keep our programs running, such as: competition entry fees; busing to each competition; master clinicians for each section and instructors for auxiliary and drum line units (last year was more than $15,000.00). There are also expenses for equipment, instruments, scholarships, promoting events, and other general operating expenses.

The Boosters offer many fundraisers where students can earn money for their student account which we track using a program called Charms. All students and parents have access to Charms by visiting All you need is your students Charms ID. Student accounts are primarily used for bi-annual band trips to competition festivals, Disneyland or special parades.

Join the Band for an evening with the Oakland A’s

Thursday, April 3, 2014 7:05pm

Oakland A’s Game 2014 Pg 2 Oakland A’s Game 2014